Subsidy for the Promotion of Advancing into City of Nagoya for Foreign Companies

The City of Nagoya provides subsidies for foreign companies to help with costs of renting an office, a whole building or the like when they open their first office in the city or expand their business in the city.

Subsidy system overview

Eligible Industries

Companies mainly engaged in business in an industry categorized as a key industry (refer to the next page)* In principle, companies that were founded three or more years ago

Application period

From April 1st to Dec 28th, 2022

Please make sure that you submit a business approval application by at least one day before the day on which an office/building lease agreement is signed within this period.

Types of Subsidies

First Office Opening

Business Expansion

Eligible Cases

Companies that are planning to open their first office in Nagoya

Companies that opened their first office in Nagoya within the last five years

Other Requirements
  • Floor space of 20 m2 or more
  • Two or more employees permanently stationed
  • Increase floor space by 30 m2 or more to expand business
  • Employ three or more new employees permanently stationed
Eligible Costs

50% of the annual rent

(Excluding the common service fee, the security and guarantee deposits, the consumption tax and the like)

Maximum Subsidy Amount

3 million yen

Applications and Inquiries

Industrial Site Networking Office,
Innovation Promotion Department, Economic Affairs Bureau, City of Nagoya
1-1, Sannomaru 3-chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya (5th floor, City Hall Main Building)
Phone: +81 52-972-2423 FAX: +81 52-972-4135