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History proves it:
The origin of industry lies in Nagoya

Nagoya has an unbroken, continuing history in production. It's lumber industry developed in the olden days when the rich abundance of Kiso cypress was managed by the former Owari domain (present-day area of the Prefecture of Aichi). The advanced technology born from the craftsmen of those days developed into the present, leading way to the area's clockmaking, train car, and aviation industries.
The availability of clay suited to pottery also led to a prosperous ceramics industry, paving the way for the area's current position as the country's largest producer of fine ceramics. Additional industries from the silk industry to the loom industry, and even the automobile industry also began here.
This history of continuously developing new types of business makes Nagoya a manufacturing mecca as well as the starting point for other industries.

  • Comprehensive production ratio of manufacturing industries from each large city*6 Nagoya area 36.4% Nationwide 21.4% Tokyo area 13.9% Osaka area 19.6%

*6: Cabinet Office, Report on Prefectural Accounts. FY2016.

Japan's largest city of manufacture
awaits partners looking for challenge

The City of Nagoya has produced the highest value of shipped manufactured goods in all of Japan for 41 consecutive years. The city is also home to Japan's largest number of manufacturing industry employees. Many first manufactures of Japan, such as contact lenses, automatic looms, and domestic airplanes were made here, giving rise to companies holding the top share in the Japanese market related to the interphone, gas-related equipment, sparkplug, and other fields.
In regard to the promising, high-profile aerospace industry, around 80% of its airframe components are produced in the Central Japan area. And numerous industry trade fairs and exhibitions are held within the city, hosting some 2.5-million guests looking for new business each year.
Expect encounters with fellow business people looking to take on new domains on the horizon as they converge in Nagoya's major manufacturing arena.

  • Value of shipped*7 manufactured goods (Aichi) 46 trillion yen Manufacturing*8 industry employees 840 thousand Japanese airframe*9 component production ratio (Central Japan area) 71.2%

*7, *8: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Manufacturing Industry Statistics FY2018 Report. 2018.
*9: Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Annual Report of Current Production Statistics. 2018.