A comfortable life for both employees and their families

A comfortable work environment for employees—
The kind of place anyone would like to work

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  • A comfortable life for both employees and their families

An economically savvy
lifestyle, here in Nagoya

Living in Nagoya offers incredible bang for your buck. Compared to the Tokyo area, the monthly cost of living is lower and work commutes shorter. Another way Nagoya displays its residential convenience is its vast floor space in living quarters and park area per person compared to Tokyo and Osaka.
Spend your days satisfied and living closer to nature in a more spacious home and at lower cost than before.

  • Nagoya is a convenient place to live Approx. 90%

*13: City of Nagoya, 58th City Public Opinion Poll. 2019.
*14: Statistics Bureau, Household Survey. 2018.
*15: Statistics Bureau, 2018 Housing and Land Survey. 2018.

Substantial support with raising children and life after retirement for peace of mind and a long, healthy life

The City of Nagoya offers its numerous support systems to everyone from babies to the senior citizens to ensure a comfortable life. It has even accomplished zero children on waiting lists for preschools*16, a worry among parents while their children are still at home. This allows working parents to go to their jobs, leaving worry at the door. Also, complete support letting children up to middle school age receive checkups at hospitals and other medical institutions without paying out of pocket*17 is available. Support is also in place for senior citizens with the Senior Citizens' Pass, a pass allowing free rides on city buses, the subway, and other public modes of transportation to enjoy trips here and there for a meaningful later stage in life.

  • Household breadwinner's average work commute time*18

*16: Excluding children outside the scope of national surveys.
*17: Eligibility for coverage of hospitalization fees with no payment out of pocket has been extended to persons up to 18 years of age as of January 2020.
*18: City of Nagoya, 2018 Housing and Land Survey. 2018.