An environment letting you raise some of the highest capital in Japan

There couldn't be a better location
for up-and-coming seed rounds

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  • An environment letting you raise some of the highest capital in Japan

Ranked second in highest capital of Japan,
Nagoya is currently buzzing with start-ups

The Prefecture of Aichi has a strong reputation as home to manufacturing companies, or the manufacturing industry as a whole, and is where a number of long-standing manufacturing industries are currently active. However, Aichi's ability to catch the attention of players on the start-up field is largely unknown.
The start-up companies of Aichi hold the second highest capital in comparison to other start-ups around Japan. Additionally, Nagoya University ranks fifth for the ventures born from it in relation to ventures launched by students and staff of other universities across Japan. Both Aichi's start-up companies and university-launched ventures rank top in class nationwide in terms of capital procurement.
This investment market's lively atmosphere is now breathing life into emerging businesses.

  • Capital raised by start-up companies*10 (Aichi) Nationwide No. 2 Capital raised by ventures launched from universities*11 (Nagoya University) Nationwide No. 5

*10: Japan Venture Research Co., Ltd., Japan Startup Finance Report for the First Half of 2019. 2019.
*11: Japan Venture Research Co., Ltd., Japan Startup Finance Report 2018. 2019.

Students, investors, and human resources from other
industries—Chances to expedite your business are right here

The Prefecture of Aichi is a community of students. The number of universities and vocational schools in relation to population is greater than Tokyo and Osaka, and the majority of their students look for work within this prefecture. Thus, Nagoya stands as a great example of a city where start-up companies can find human resources.
The City of Nagoya has also established locations like Nagono Campus and Nagoya Innovator's Garage for content creators as well as investors and people from various lines of work to commune with one another to create and bring new innovation to the table. Various events are also planned and held, where chance encounters surely await you.

  • Number of universities, vocational schools, etc. in Aichi*12 314

*12: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Basic School Survey. 2019.

Spots for investors, content creators, and people from various lines of work to meet

Nagono Campus

  • Nagono Campus

Located outside of Nagoya Station, Nagono Campus opened as an educational base for entrepreneurs and ventures. The new venture base is equipped with shared office spaces, meeting rooms, and event spaces.

Nagoya Innovator's Garage

  • Nagoya Innovator's Garage

Nagoya Innovator's Garage offers fantastic functionality to serve as the starting point of the innovation to come throughout the Central Japan area. This facility brings forth ideas that change the world and give birth to innovation as people with the same dreams meet with one another.