Onward into Tomorrow Onward into Tomorrow

From the Midst of Japan From the Midst of Japan

An environment letting companies
and employees realize their full potential

Nagoya: 100 minutes from Tokyo and 50 minutes from Osaka.
Home to an enormous airport and future point along the Linear Chuo Shinkansen maglev railway.
This city lives up to its reputation as the nerve center of Japan.
It has boasted the highest value of shipped manufactured goods in Japan for more than 40 years
and is the birthplace of the aerospace industry, destined to carry the future.
However, these are merely the attributes and accomplishments of Nagoya.
Nagoya's true allure, strength, and driving force lie in the near future
with an incredible population with upwards of 70-million people in and outside Nagoya,
and all those living within that economic sphere.
Soon, people from different walks of life will be migrating toward Nagoya
from all over Japan to make a name for themselves.
The extraordinary energy given off by these people is what supports this city
standing among the metropolises of Japan.
For this reason, Nagoya is able to offer all of its strength
not only to companies and employees wanting to work from it,
but to their families too.
This is a community waiting to unlock new areas of potential
for all who come. This is Nagoya.